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How does a person become a Christian? Where do they start? Join us in PathwayStart as we explore this and many related questions.

.01 Good News

This is the first course in PathwayStart. It is designed for those who want to know how to become a Christian and begin an awesome journey with the Lord and others. Come! Join us on the Pathway to knowing God through trusting Christ.

.02 Encountering Jesus

Hi and welcome to Encountering Jesus. In this video series we’ll take a bit of a deeper dive into the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. We’ll walk through several episodes in this fast paced, intriguing ...

.03 Getting Lift Off

The Getting Lift Off course follows naturally from Good News and Encountering Jesus. In this course we look at several key promises that flow to us from God through our faith in Christ. These include promises of God’s strength, ...

.04 3 Easy Questions

The Point of this Course: to help new Christian read, understand and remember the Bible so that they can act on what they’re learning. They will learn 3 easy questions and then respond to a 7 day challenge to to ...

.05 In My Name

Point: To encourage new Christians to take God’s promise of answered prayer seriously (John 16:24) and respond to a specific 7 day challenge concerning prayer.

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The vision of KnowingGod is to deeply love, honor and serve Christ and to help fellow believers grow in their faith, becoming all that God intends them to be as full-on followers of Christ.

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