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How does a person become a Christian? Where do they start? Join us here  in PathwayStart as we explore this and many related questions.

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Lesson 1
Good News

Watch "What is the vision for the KnowingGod.org Website"

Welcome to KnowingGod.org website. Its our vision to build it to help you know God better and to get on a fruitful pathway with God. so you will be blessed by God for the rest of your life.

KnowingGod: The Good News Straight Up
Lesson 2
Good News

The Good News Straight Up

There is hope for everyone because of Jesus Christ. Start learning about the One who seeks and restores the hurting, oppressed and forgotten

KnowingGod: Good News Conversations
Lesson 3
Good News

Good News Conversations

Come listen in to conversations about the journey from doubt to faith in Christ. The pathway to faith in Christ can be filled with many surprises and challenges!

KnowingGod: Lost & Found From Luke 15
Lesson 4
Good News

Lost & Found From Luke 15

God is in the business of redeeming lost people! This lesson challenges you to return to God by drawing on Jesus' imagery of lost and found things in Luke 15.

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The vision of KnowingGod is to deeply love, honor and serve Christ and to help fellow believers grow in their faith, becoming all that God intends them to be as full-on followers of Christ.

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